Consultants with Over 20 Years of Training & Development Experience

Sample Programs

Corbett & Ross consists of a group of consultants with over 20 years of training development experience for private business, governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.


Below are limited portions of example programs we have developed.



Understanding Diversity Within Your Work Enviornment


  • Understanding your workers and colleagues assists us with identifying their strengths and challenges
  • How can this information impact your work with workers and colleagues and therefore, the productivity of your company or organization?


Sample Slides:

Leadership & Management


Our sessions give you the skills and tool to take action, conduct effective meetings and promote interest.


Learn how to:

  • Set agendas and goals
  • Improve company planning
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Get buy in from your staff
  • Encourage & reward participation
  • Follow up

"Corbett and Ross has been great for us! After an in-depth needs assessment, it became obvious that our team needed to learn how to communicate effectively. Using the tools provided by Julie and Scott, we were able to open up the lines of communication between departments and have seen an increase in productivity"
- Kathy Muncil, CEO Fort William Henry Corporation

Motivational management bringing employees to a higher standard.

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