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Motivational management bringing employees to a higher standard.


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We’ve been training and providing staff development for a combined 20 years, and we’re excited to share our experiences and offer advice right here on the Corbett & Ross website. Our goal is to provide insight and to build a resource that you can tap into weekly for a management tip or a useful piece of industry news. We’ve trained all types of businesses and we’ve seen a lot of things that will help you direct your staff more effectively in order to provide the best possible service to your customers.


Here’s a taste of the topics we may cover upcoming website articles and/or social media posts:


  • Management tips and activities you can try with your staff today
  • Improving the guest experience
  • How to retain your staff
  • Infrastructure in the industry
  • Thought leaders in professional development
  • Happenings in the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Industry
  • Industry news, opportunities and risks
  • Social media: the good and the bad
  • Training in the workplace: diversity and domestic violence
  • Events to meet Corbett & Ross, and upcoming publications
  • Technology
  • Things we’ve got to show you and the best resources to find out more


Today, we’re giving you a quick review on the event we just attended. We’ll try to pack your bags with some knowledge about opportunities and threats in the hospitality and tourism industry. We attended the 2015 Legistlative Roundtable Breakfast, held at the Albany Marriott, which was a great way to get out there and see what industry professionals are saying about the role that tourism plays in creating jobs and driving local tax revenue. We heard a lot of great success stories, and we also heard about the challenges people are facing.



"Corbett and Ross has been great for us! After an in-depth needs assessment, it became obvious that our team needed to learn how to communicate effectively. Using the tools provided by Julie and Scott, we were able to open up the lines of communication between departments and have seen an increase in productivity"
- Kathy Muncil, CEO Fort William Henry Corporation

Motivational management bringing employees to a higher standard.

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