Consultants with Over 20 Years of Training & Development Experience

Aiding employers and human resource professionals in bringing their employees to a higher standard

Organizations are constantly evolving through introductions of new technologies, new strategies for success and realignment of departments or teams. Corbett and Ross is dedicated to being on the forefront of today’s workforce trends and needs. By continuously learning and adapting to today’s workforce climate C&R offer cutting edge programs guaranteed to make your organization successful.


Corbett and Ross, LLC the brainchild of Julie Ross and Scott Corbett, has been aiding employers and human resource professionals in bringing their employees to a higher standard.


With over 20 years of experience Corbett and Ross, LLC is a highly qualified, experienced team dedicated to creating organizational solutions that will work for your business.


Focused on the employee, C&R specializes in creating custom solutions through direct employee contact via a needs assessment survey. The survey is used to find their objective and focus their strategy to ensure the desired outcome for your business.


Using the skills, experience and expertise of C&R you are enabling a successful connection and communication between employer, employee and managers.

"Corbett and Ross has been great for us! After an in-depth needs assessment, it became obvious that our team needed to learn how to communicate effectively. Using the tools provided by Julie and Scott, we were able to open up the lines of communication between departments and have seen an increase in productivity"
- Kathy Muncil, CEO Fort William Henry Corporation

Motivational management bringing employees to a higher standard.

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