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Developing Your Staff Can Strengthen Business in the Hospitality and Tourism industry




In an industry that struggles to retain much-needed staff, there’s nothing worse than losing talented professionals year after year. Perhaps the only thing more damaging to your livelihood would be accepting it as an unavoidable cost of doing business. We’re a a pivotal moment in the hospitality and tourism industry. Some companies will capitalize on a great opportunity to train their staff while others will continue to enable mediocre performance. We are more capable of empowering our staff than ever before. The modern guest experience is directly tied to the quality of interaction with staff, and you can turn customers into advocates by training staff on communications, organization and efficiency.


Both managers and staff perform hundreds of tasks every day that aren’t in their job descriptions. Individuals often sink into inefficient habits simply because a better way hasn’t been communicated to them. If you train employees to understand their jobs, their companies, and the expectations set for them, time after time you will see them begin to enjoy their jobs and increase their productivity increased productivity leads to increased impact, sales, and retention. In time, this strategy generates an internal pool of high-quality management prospects that a GM can confidently promote.


What’s involved in a typical training program? There are a variety of training programs in New York that can target existing management and staff challenges. Experience training specialists begin with a needs assessment before customizing a training program around specific goals. Trainers emphasize an open and communicative learning environment for staff and managers to get involved. Common topics are: time management, conflict resolution, public speaking, and team building. Some training courses will turn to the employee manual to focus on often-overlooked areas such as diversity and domestic violence in the workplace. Staff are introduced to new method of communication and organization that inspire leadership.


What can general managers and business owners gain from training? Like everyone else, they gain whatever they put into it. Buy-in form the leaders gives everyone else a sense of motivation during the training. Business owners have the growth of their companies at stake, and social media reviews of excellent staff can offer a competitive edge. Surveys have shown that only a third of hospitality employees are motivated in their work and go out of their way to please guests. It’s worth investing on developing today’s staff to strengthen their long-term performance.


Giving younger employees a career opportunity may be particularly valuable because Millennials will soon be the primary customer of the hospitality and tourism industry. Are you doing enough to develop your staff? Are they operating smoothly? Do they have the skills and preparation to relate to the new wave of technologically connected and diverse customers? There are a variety of training courses out there, all you have to do is find the right one.


Scott Corbett & Julie Ross are the owners of Corbett & Ross Organizational Solutions. They provide innovative and effective training solutions for a variety of challenges that business owners face in the hospitality and tourism industry.




"Corbett and Ross has been great for us! After an in-depth needs assessment, it became obvious that our team needed to learn how to communicate effectively. Using the tools provided by Julie and Scott, we were able to open up the lines of communication between departments and have seen an increase in productivity"
- Kathy Muncil, CEO Fort William Henry Corporation

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